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Cafe craze, but for the coffee

There is a massive hype surrounding cafes in Singapore, no doubt. Aesthetically pleasing photos of food and cafe interiors adorn our social media feeds from time to time, making us crave for the delicious-looking food that the cafes offer. Hence, itai??i??s easy to forget that the main star of many cafes is, in fact, their coffee.

Coffee enthusiasts may be nodding vigorously in agreement right now (we get you!), but to those of us who may not know coffee very well, a cup of coffee, regardless of where itai??i??s made, is just.. coffee, right? Well, thereai??i??s actually much more to this beverage than we think! The cup of coffee you holdAi??in your hands can tell the story of its journey from bean to cup:

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Each cup of coffee made,Ai??is a rich, special sensory experience in itself. Thatai??i??s why if thereai??i??s any reason to visit our local cafes, itAi??definitely should be because of their coffee. Is your mouth watering already? Fret not. Here at Sip, weai??i??ve curated a list of cafes that are passionate about coffee and believe in creating the best experience for any coffee drinker. You can trust that each cup of coffee crafted at any of our cafes will be made with extra attention and love. Sign up for one of our plans now to get your regular coffee fix at lower prices! We want you to experience the best coffee, because you deserve it.

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